The Reliable and Efficient Sunforce 7 Amp Charge Controller

Sunforce 7 Amp Charge Controller

Need peace of mind as you charge those solar batteries? Do you require a charge controller so your gadgets and batteries are safe and secure every time you charge them? You can now have peace and tranquility as your solar devices are getting recharged. By using the Sunforce 7 Amp Charge Controller you can be sure that there will be efficient and reliable recharge with no risks or damage.

The Sunforce 7 Amp Charge Controller is very reliable at preventing overcharging of 12 volts batteries. This device is designed for use together with a 12 volt solar panel. It can handle up to 7 amps of electric energy and up to 100 watts of solar power. The controller is easy and simple to use. It has a charging light which indicates as the battery charges. A green light indicates that charging is complete.

“Good: Product works as advertised. Amazingly “regulates” the voltage to the required amount so as not to overcharge the battery. I recommend you go out and buy ’em. They are a really good deal and does the job at the best price! I use them in Jamaica, to provide my appliances with power during power outages (very frequent here). Used with solar panels and DC to AC inverter, of course. Considered using a generator, but too many accidents here with generators, too noisy, too bulky, and during hurricane aftermath, fuel is a problem. Solar is freely available, so it was the BEST option all round.”  Jordan Xavier, Jamaica.

“The product has sufficient capabilities at a reasonable price. I have not had any problems with this product.”  Robert A. Mayer.

“Sunforce 7 Amp Charge Controller – I installed this on my boat to charge one battery for my electronic fishfinder and chartplotter” C. Parker

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