Handy and Easy To Use Sunforce 50056 Solar Accessory Kit

Sunforce 50056 Solar Accessory Kit

The Sunforce 50056 Solar Accessory Kit is a convenient solar wiring kit. It contains a socket connector, voltage tester, 12V DC plug as well as all the other necessary tools required to install or assemble. The tools are made of durable material, are insulated to prevent electric shocks and leaking charge and work with most solar converters and inverters.

The kit came in handy when I had to install my solar panel. All the tools I needed to perform the installation were handy and one does not need any training to use these. There is a user manual that was useful when using the kit.

I found the products quick and easy to use. There is a voltage tester with the kit that is handy in knowing how much charge is being delivered to the unit. This is really handy. It is also quite safe and convenient.

The Sunforce 50056 Solar Accessory Kit was extremely handy. It comes with an extra 12 foot long wire that makes wiring very easy. The tools are also insulated making them safe to use around the house.

The entire kit weighs a mere 8 ounces. This makes it easy to carry around. You can take the kit to work or the garage and can also have it in the car for any car gadgets applications. However some people find it useful to have a charge controller. This will monitor the amount of charge that is being delivered from the source to the consuming gadget or batteries.

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