Repel All Nasty Pests from your backyard Using The Sunforce 80001 Solar Pest Repeller

Sunforce 80001 Solar Pest Repeller

The Sunforce 80001 Solar Pest Repeller keeps away gophers, voles and other rodents away from your lawn and garden. It does this by emitting a combination of sound and vibration. The gadget uses rechargeable batteries that are solar charged and is safe for kids and pets. It is made of durable, corrosion proof material that can withstand all weather conditions.

For several years we have had a tough time dealing with gophers in our back yard. The dog loves to dig in after them, making the lawn look unsightly and difficult to mow. I tried using various methods to get rid of the gophers including spreading garlic, spraying castor oil but nothing worked. However when I installed the Sunforce 80001 Solar Pest Repeller it did the trick. The moles have completely disappeared and there is no evidence that they exist in my backyard. No more gophers and my dog still plays on the lawn.

The product arrived pretty fast after purchase. It was very easy to install and has done an excellent job of chasing away those pesky rodents. It emits a high frequency sound so you know its working perfectly and doing a good job.

The burrowing activity has certainly been reduced, and plants are no longer dying or disappearing from gophers and moles destroying their roots. The Sunforce 80001 Solar Pest Repeller has been an excellent substitute for poisons and traps in an area that is sensitive to wildlife preservations.

The Sunforce 80001 Solar Pest Repeller works exactly as advertised. Has worked well all summer and hasn’t stopped working, even now.

“For several years I’ve been plagued by gophers. I have dogs that would like to help me root them out and so they’ve had to be confined to a pen that has chicken wire to prevent the digging (the only time they dig is to go after the gophers). My yard looked like it had the measles from all the gopher mounds and mowing was a real drag. I did get smelly things, tried all the organic methods I could find from garlic to peppers to castor oil sprayed on the runs (apparently they don’t like that). There was no change. I just hate to kill them! This little thing did the trick. I live in clay soil so I guess it’s helpful but the mole holes have completely stopped. There is no evidence left that they like my yard. I bought two and put them one in the front and one in the back but the gophers in the side yard seem to be gone too. I’m on just under 3/4 acre. I think the change is these devices as the timing was right but as soon as it warms a little more here, I will know for sure. I’m pretty sure already as I was getting new mounds of activity and they have completely stopped, so I’m thinking these babies did the job. Yippee, no gophers! Maybe I can let the dogs back into the big yard!” Meghan A. Mac-Rhyann, Carson, WA, USA.

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