Tekkeon MP1580 TEKCHARGE Mobile Power Pack and Battery Charger

Tekkeon MP1580 TEKCHARGE Mobile Power Pack and Battery Charger

The Tekkeon TekCharge Mobile Power and Battery Charger provides emergency power to all popular mobile phones so that is a real bonus. It also provides charge to many more portable devices. These could be portable gaming devices, iPhones, iPad, MP3 and MP4 players and many others. The TekCharger charges devices anywhere. On the roadside, in the car or even at home. It provides extended charge to devices, making them last much longer than usual. The device also features a voltage regulator so that your gadgets are protected from overcharge and other hazards.

“I’ve been using this for several months, and more than once it has paid for itself. It is small, lightweight, and has done everything I need it to. I get several full phone recharges out of a set of four AA batteries. This unit does not discharge batteries no longer how long you leave them in there, so pairing it up with low self-discharge batteries is beneficial. You’ll forget you have it until you need it!” Bryan Fordham, FL. USA.

“I bought this for a week long bike trip. It was great for my iPOD and phone on the trip charging every night.” Al C.

“I was impressed with this device at first. It charged a set of Sanyo Eneloop rechargeables in just a few hours. I used it to top off my iPhone several times, and recharged it afterward with no issues.” K S Johnson.

“This beauty works just like it describes. Very handy when you travel and just to have when in a pinch.” Steven J Speet.

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