The Reliable and Efficient PowerFilm USB+AA Solar Charger

PowerFilm USB+AA Solar Charger

Do you sometimes need to be able to charge your phone battery even when away from home and not near regular electricity? Ever want those gadgets all charged up but need to save on electricity bills as well? Well, with the USB + AA Solar Panel Charger you can do just that. This charger uses the power of the sun to provide regulated electric charge to your gadgets batteries, giving you all the charge you need while saving you plenty on power bills.

The USB + AA Solar Panel Charger is a compact, ultra lightweight yet durable and effective solar powered battery charger. This charger can provide full charge to batteries in 4 hours of exposure to the sun. It incorporates a charging light which lights up when the device is charging. The charger can be fixed or attached to secure it while it charges the batteries.

“I know solar chargers aren’t that powerful and can be fragile, but I decided to gamble on this one because I really like the concept. I could not be more pleased! Very, very versatile. Rugged design, super light, folds up small enough to fit in your pocket, charges AA’s AND USB devices (using AA power). I hang it in my window before I go to bed and by the time I’m leaving for work, the batteries are fully charged. I’ve been experimenting with it to see how good it is –I mainly bought it for camping and when I travel for work (all too often I find myself sitting in airports for hours).” Lars Sveen.

“The PowerFilm USB + AA charger is probably the best product and design I have seen in terms of AA solar chargers, especially for backpackers. Stores like REI and EMS need to carry this charger. Basically, this is 2 devices in 1. It is a solar charger for NiMH batteries (2 NiMH Sanyo 2000mAh batteries come with the product). It is also a voltage transformer that takes the 2.4v of the NiMH batteries and ramps it up to 5v allowing you to charge a USB device (like a cell phone or iPod) using the charged batteries, even when it is NOT in the sun. This means that you can lash the unit onto your backpack or car dash without having to tether your phone to it all day, and then draw from the stored energy in the batteries at night. I charged two batteries in the sun with no problem and then charged an iPod Nano 2G while the solar panel was folded up, and it work perfectly.” ScanMan. Ca., USA.

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