Do your Math Anywhere, Anytime With Casio FX300ES Plus-PK Engineering/Scientific Calculator

Casio FX300ES Plus-PK Engineering/Scientific Calculator

The Casio Scientific Solar Calculator – FX300ES Plus-PK is a scientific calculator that performs all simple and complex calculations. Some of the major functions of this calculator include fraction calculations, trigonometry functions, arithmetic as well as logarithm applications. Easy to use and approved by most examinations. The calculator uses the power of solar and thus reduces the hassle of battery replacement.

Cute outlook with attractive colors: Pink and Blue. Thus keeps students the interest on Mathematics.

“I bougth it to my daughter and she loves it, its nice, she loves the color, it works perfectly thank you.” JORGE GONZALEZ CO10X148509N.

“Really cute. Basic, but it dose what I need and so much cheaper than buying one at school or office max etc…” unmodified comment from Laura.

“If you have children in school, you know already how expensive calculators can be. You search and pick just the right one – forking out a lot of money – and then they lose it. Finally, a solution. A very good and very affordable calculator from Casio. I asked my teenage son to use this and he says it’s just great. No problems. Does what he needs it to do in class. What more could you want? It may not be enough for college – or it might be but we’re not there yet with this one – but it’s good enough for high school as far as we can tell. Works great out of the box. And did I mention it was affordable?” MichiganTraveler, Midland, MI United States

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