The Fun And Exciting Solar Powered Indoor / Outdoor Emergency, Camping Portable Lantern Kit

Solar Powered Portable Lantern Kit

This product comes with:

  • 1 Solar Panel – 1 pcs
  • 1 LED Lamp – 1 pcs
  • 4 LED’s Working – 24 Hours
  • 24 LED’s Working – 4 hours
  • Lamp Rated Power: 0.2W/1.2W

Compact solar LED emergency light assembly with a lithium battery. 2 light settings make this light ideal for emergencies, camping and other outdoor activities. Additional output for cell phone charging with adapter kit provided. Run times; up to 24 hours at lower setting and 4 hours at higher setting.Shed & remote structure lighting. Outdoor lifestyle including RV, camping, boating, fishing and hunting.

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