The Superb and Brilliant Sunforce 50013 – 1 Watt Motorcycle & Powersports Solar Battery Charger

Sunforce 50013 1-Watt Motorcycle and Powersports Solar Battery Charger

The Motorcycle & Powersports Solar Battery Charger is a weather proof battery charger used to charge all sorts of power products such as speedboats, motorboats, lawnmowers and others. It produces clean energy of up to 1 watt of power. It is easy to install, is maintenance free and works in all daylight conditions, even when the day is cloudy and the sun not visible. It  provides protection against discharge and overcharging.

“I use this to keep my lawn tractor’s battery fresh, it works like a charm. Highly recommended!” Harold J Bien.

“I bought two of these and mounted them to my PWC trailer tongue. During the day, there is anywhere from 7-18 volts DC flowing to my batteries keeping them fresh. Taking out pwc batteries and bringing them home to keep on a trickle charge sucks. My PWC’s are kept in an open storage lot and these work perfectly to keep the batteries fresh with NO maintenance.” DC3John.

“I chose this one as the power was right for a small boat/hovercraft size battery (7Ah) and is totally waterproof so can be left out. Great price too.
The one thing that I like about it is that the polarity of the standard plug is the same as that of the other battery minders. Great idea – anyways I normally rewire to match so I can connect it to all my batteries as well as my battery tender.” Mike Wood.

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