The Amazing Etón Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Flashlight, Solar Power and Cell Phone Charger (Black)

Etón NFR160WXB Microlink Self-Powered AM-FM-NOAA Weather Radio with Flashlight Solar Power and Cell Phone Charger

The Etón Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio is an all weather, portable radio that can operate while out at sea or even during a hurricane. It has a high quality Fm/AM tuner for all news, music and entertainment. It also incorporates NOAA weather band receiver that brings all weather forecasts, alerts and emergencies. This makes it a useful companion for backpackers and travelers. This device fits the palm of your hand and incorporates a solar panel enabling operation without use of expensive batteries. The radio also has some very useful attachments that include a USB phone charger and a flashlight.

“This is truly a phenomenal product. Everything works as described, including the cell phone charging which can be quite a boon when going away from electricity – abroad, to other countries, or hiking/camping/backpacking.

The light – powerful halogen type LEDs that power the device, as strong as a good bike light. Battery can be charged via solar. A few hours of solar charging has given me over two hours of battery life, and still no signs of a dying battery. That’s quite a great find for people who need a flashlight all the time like I do.

The radio – works well in all weather. It includes a weather band. Works really well for me.

The charger – This is a great little device. It can charge all your Apple iPod products, including Bluetooth headsets, and your iPhone. A big reason I waited for the next Eton charger was for the iPhone charging… It is really great and works well. It can charge your iPhone, iPhone 3G (and probably the new 3GS).” Golem Grendlebooks, Ca, USA.

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